FAQ  (if you could not find your answers here please contact us

Q: I like to place bids to the auction listings, but how
A: in order to bid our material auction listings you will need to registry as a memeber of sewings.com

 visit our website via desktop computer or if you are using a mobile or ipad you will need to tap the "Desktop site" link from the bottom of your mobile 

b: sign in to your sewings.com My account

login to your my account

c: click the auction category.

click the material auction category

d: click the auction listings.
e: place your bid and / set your autobid price
you can place your bid and set auto bid aswell

f: the system will prompted you for your bid has been accepted (Thank You!)

after your bid the system will prompted for thank you for your bid

g: you can check all your bids you can login to your My account and then your My auctions.

to check your auctions

h: you can check your auctions winning status by visiting your My auctions and we also will notify you via emails.
Note: if you won the auctions the listing will be in your orders section.

i: please pay your bid within 5 days of the auctions end, otherwise we may need to relist the item or sell to the 2nd winner(s) Thank you for your co operations.

 Q: What is the difference between Free economic shipping and Paid standard shipping

A: First, free economic shipping does not have tracking and take 14 to 35 days, you can save small money by choose free economic shipping, however, it take long time to deliver to you.

But with paid stardard shipping it will ship to you much faster and because of buyers like to track their orders online, provide tracking cost money so we have to charge a small postage fee now.
And you can track your order via our website here

Q: What is your money back and return policy.
A: We Offer 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the product you received you may simply return the item(s) for a full refund。

Q:Who pay the return postage.

A:  If the item(s) was deflected when you received it or we wrong item(s) being shipped to you or the quality was not stated then we will pay for the return postage.

Q: Do you offer combine shipping discount.

A: Yes, you only need to pay ONE flat shipping fee / postage for all items ( all items I mean any quantity items) in one payment, so you actually can buy more to save on shipping fee.

Q: How do I know the postage/ shipping fee of my items
A: There is a tag “Shipping Cost” on each listings detail page you can simply enter your country and your postal in the form and it will show you the shipping fee and the ETA estimated time of arrival

To check the actual shipping fees for your item

Q: Please explain your Reward Points program.
A: First: sign up as a sewings.com member
    Each US$10 you spend you earn 2 Points
    (2 points =US$0.2)

    You can use your Points to pay up to 30% of the amount of your order.