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Width: 36" (91.44cm)
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100% Pure Silk Guarantee Actual Width: 55"(140cm) Best Seller!!!
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Silk fabric material wholesale

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And it is worth to note, you now can see the shipping cost on every product detail page rather than see it only one the checkout page.
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Huge selections of fabrics material at true wholesale price.

US$5 pure silk organza fabric (price drop)
US$8 per yard Habutai Lining
US$7.2 solid color chiffon
Discounts for digital print silk chiffon.

All top quality items at discount cheap price

we carry huge selections of products such as charmeuse, silk cotton blend, brocade and many trendy digital prints.
you may buy our product at the wholesale price online now, and have them in about 7-10 days (depends on your location some countries need more time to deliver to)

5.5 mm chiffon, 8mm georgette, and also, so many buyers ask us for custom made cushion covers for them so we will
adding new cushion covers for you to choose regularly.

Some FAQ:
Jenny ask questions: Andy can you give me some ideas for using your Chinese brocade fabrics.

A: Chinese brocade fabrics can be used for so many fashionable projects,
lets start with fashion, you may want to add an oriental touch to your design by make a sash or wider belt with brocade fabric to enhance the stylish Asian look, shiny brocade is very good for making vest and to let your outfit rocks.
For ladies I suggest you make use the cbs brocade (rayon polyester blend material) for mini or kneel length skirt and with a solid color top to show off your sense of mix and mach, and you might want to have a vintage pattern with the signature clothing of China- Cheongsam-, well, as a Chinese my self I understand that a standard Cheongsam is not that easy to sew, it require the sense of tradition sewing skill and workmanship, however, new sewing concept pattern can help you make that outstanding Asian feminine outfit  just a piece of cake, and a large silk chiffon scarf will accent the tight fit Chinese dress archived a better vintage look, for sure you will turn a few heads when wearing a nice Cheongsam to attend a cocktail or wedding party you can wow them, so its worth to invest a nicely made Cheongsam.

Take a closer look to these celebrities in this oriental beauty look, personally I love Kirsten Dunst in the movie Spider Man, this gorgeous lady actress combine the western and oriental element in the stunning burgundy wine red Qipao.

Home decorator project
Further more many great design machine embroidery motif of brocade material for home decorator projects, blossoms, phoenix, dragons, floral, fishes, longevity symbol and wealthy, we carry a nice Nile blue peacock feather brocade material its perfect for pillowcase as well as for table runners, it has been the best seller for few years, however it only comes with a 29” wide version so its great for light upholstery items; cushion covers, table runners table mate.

Tips for iron the brocade fabric.

must place a damp cloth between the fabric and the iron

And this class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics are pretty easy to take care you can hand wash or machine wash them in delicate speed, but you should use traditional steam iron to iron with press the brocade fabric Not to use steamer brush to steam it as to much steam on brocade will made a shrunk effect on certain small area, trust me one of my staff made that mistakes few years ago.
As always do remember to put a light color (white is perfect) damp cloth between the iron and the brocade when ironing it.

Q: I bought a  pattern which requires 2.15 Yards of 112cm wide soft thin chiffon fabrics for a summer dress but you guys only have 140cm wide ones so how can I know how much fabric do I need, say I was looking for a solid color material.
A: You may simply buy 2 meters cloth of the 140cm wide solid color or patterned sheer material for dresses making DIY, it will be perfectly fine for your DIY project. and you may considerate to use the 14momme silk crepe de chine for as an alternative, as the crepe de chine has more weight to the material body and great for summer dresses as well and they are 45 inches wide has nice soft hand and also suitable for Waverly skirt, for buyers easier to make decisions 99% of our silk cloth sold by the yards as well as by the metre or some call it meterage.

Q: Do you have a physical shop that I can pay a visit and choose the material in person.
A: Sorry for we do not take walk in customers, as a matter of fact you can buy our products at our online fabric store at a much lower price because of our online business cost much less than a real store on the street. Further more you may find great bargains from this on sale category with huge discounts. 

Q: Do you guys have extra wide silk fabric say 160cm to 200cm wide by the yard for sale?
A: We have only 140cm wide silk chiffon at the moment, we planning to produce more extra wide fabric in the future and we will considerate to include your suggest width to our product line.

Q: Your fabrics look gorgeous on screen, however, if I did not like them or I think they were not good for my dresses projects can I return them for a full refund.
A: Sure, we offer 30-60 days no questions asked money back guarantee, you may return the fabric at its original conditions to have a full refund.

Customer Q: That's cool but who will pay for the return postage?
A: in general buyers pay for return postage, however, if we made mistakes for example sent buyer the wrong items or the color was not correct we will pay for the return postage. Just for FYI we have workshops in USA, UK, and Australia that buyers can pick the locations near them for the return.

Q: You stated that the soft thin silk chiffon was 100 % silk and they real, or they just are silk like chiffon materials?
A: We will only describe the cloth as pure silk when they really are do not compare them with polyester silk like cloth, thank you.

Q: What kind of heavy dresses material rather than light cloth you already introducing to us.

A: We have pretty heavy synthetic velvet and silk velvet fabric and thick cotton canvas material however, the thick canvas material majorly was for upholstery projects and pants and skirts as canvas does not drape it held the shape.

Q: I could not find the color I like from your online category; can I dye your fabric by my own?
A: Definitely yes, you may want to buy our off white solid color material to dye the colors, many of our customers has told us that they use Dylon to dye the fabric successfully, including silk chiffon, silk cotton also the canvas fabric. One pack of fabric dye for hand use can dye up to 140cm wide 7 yards to 8 yards silk chiffon fabric or 3 yards of silk cotton fabrics according to their instruction of weight 250 grams fabric per pack. By the way you may want to prepare a pair of rubber gloves first for the dyeing procedure, and you may also able to mix them to create the desire colors. It’s better to dye the material first before you sew your garment so you do not get into trouble for cover or remove metals such as buttons and zippers from the garment.

Q: As you know I am fashion designer and have been order from you for years, will your old patterned silk fabric being reproduce as some of them were the best sellers of my fashion line.
A: 99 % of the digital printed material can be reprinted again and again and the minimum order only from 6 meters, however the regular color printed silk fabric require 300 meters as a minimum order to reprint them. Please checkout our cushion covers pillow cases section.
Good Luck to you guys
Andy Tsoi