Sewing Material: 100% Pure Silk Chiffon Fabric Peacock Pattern Print # npc 1020

CODE: silk-ciffon-fabric-npc-1020

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Best Quality 6 momme Silk Chiffon Fabric
Item code: npc1020
Color: Gorgeours Peacock Pattern Print
actual colors might slightly different to the photo, and if you want to buy exact same color please order them in same purchase or request us reserve them for you.
Fabric contents: 100% pure natural silk.
Character: It has very silky look and it has a very soft hand, silk chiffon is sheer.
Stretchy: no.
Projects: clothing, dresses, bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, lining, scarf
How to take care: hand wash and dry clean, do not twist too much, hang dry
When iron it switch the iron the to "silk" and must have a damp towel/ cloth between the iron and silk fabric.
Shrinkage: It may shrunk about 3-5% after first washed
Fabric Width: 54 inches / 138 cm.
Priced by the yard/ meters Multiple yards/meters will be cut as one piece..
example A: if you purchase 4 you will receive ONE piece of 4/meters yards fabric..
example B: if you purchase 7 you will receive ONE piece of 7 yards/meters fabric.